Screws and fasteners

The biggest offer of screws in Slovenia

We offer a wide range of different types of screws and joining elements for all occasions. Products can be taken possession of at several locations and are available for wholesaling and retail. They are manufactured in accordance with DIN and ISO standards, thus ensuring long-term durability and resistance to weather and other environmental influences. If you fail to find a suitable customized product among those available we can produce the desired product according to your wishes.

In our wholesale shop we offer screws and fasteners of different materials and quality, protective equipment, welding helmets, electrodes, wheels for transport carts, tensioners, wire clamps, threaded rods, VAC welding wire, sandpaper, drills, grinders, cutters, etc. In our retail shop you can buy wheels for transport carts, drills, clamps, speck screws, clamping and other screws, joiner's guide, spirit levels, protective gloves, welder aprons, electrodes (inox, Jadran), VAC welding wire, Triglav anchors and inserts, toolmaker and elastic pins, external and internal circlips, braids, chains, abrasive material, cutting machines, nails, etc.

Due to the need to provide an even simpler purchase and product accessibility for our customers, we also opened a wholesale unit in Ljubljana in BTC City with a wide selection of screws, connecting elements, wheels for transport carts, threaded rods and more than 200 tons of products from stainless steel in stock.

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