Nautical equipment

Wide offer of high quality nautical equipment

With our diverse set of nautical equipment we offer solutions for all your needs. We are the right address for both fishermen and owners of small boats in need of spare parts as well as for experienced sailors in search for the necessary equipment, spare parts or rubber boats of various sizes and for different purposes all in one place.

Our offer is the largest in the country and covers the complete set of products from chains, cables, clamps, carabiners, anchors and hinges to compasses, navigation instruments, naval and state flags, boat lights, paddles, buoys, fenders… Nautical products are made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures long-lasting durability and resistance.

You can visit our branch in Ljubljana or Šenčur. We also provide the option of product takeover by post. Most of the products are in stock, so we dispatch them within 24 hours.

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